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Spinal Manipulation Relaxes Muscle Spasms

 holdingback jpg 0Chiropractors have long known that spinal adjustments not only reduce spinal pain, but can also help relax tight muscles of the spine. New research indicates that chiropractors are indeed correct. To evaluate this finding, researchers measured the electrical activity of spinal muscles before and after chiropractic care to the spinal area through EMG (electromyograph) studies. In 31 anatomical sites examined per subject, 28 sites experienced 25 percent or greater relaxation of the muscle activity after the care. According to researchers, “The results of this study indicate that manipulation induces a virtually immediate change, usually a reduction, in resting EMG levels in at least some patients with low back pain and tight paraspinal muscle bundles.”

Source: JMPT. September 2005; Vol. 28, No. 7